Your Turn

I believe in
        neighborly potlucks and pots of coffee
        trees (especially old ones)
        bicycles and flowers and porches
        boats and balloons and birds—
              anything that floats or flies
        the air we breathe without thinking
        sanctuaries and solitude
        the delight of digging potatoes
        the necessity of pulling weeds
        wide open sky, ever changing
        gentle rains on wild grasses
        deep snow in the high country
        wandering in the wilderness
              to find ourselves again
        fires on the hearth
I believe in
        the blessing of this hard, precious day
        the uncertain ground we walk upon
        the promise of children
        the faithfulness of friends
        the kindness of strangers
        love that doesn’t cling
        the wisdom of letting good things be
        our responsibility to step over the line
              of what’s nice
              for the sake of what’s right
        every poem and story and song
        whatever it takes to crack us open
              to question
              to dream
              to build

I believe in
        the smallness of what I know
        the value of what you know
        the vastness of what we can know together
        the existence of what we can’t know at all

I believe in

Play notes: If you subscribe to Staying Power, you might recognize that this poem began as an essay. One subscriber mentioned to me that my prose sounded very poetic, so I decided to play around with it, crossing genres. I thank her for that nudge. I also thank my teenage son Nathan, who offered suggestions that improved my late drafts. Now, as the poem title says, it's your turn. If you'd like, write a poem about what you believe in.