Looking Up

     Before the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
     December 21, 2020

Bright as stars
the distant friends
travel low
across the sky,
creeping toward
each other
by slow degrees,
as if centuries
of wandering alone
through empty space
have made them shy
to meet again.
The moon conceals
a knowing smile
to see them
drawing near,
while here
we pause,
look up
through night,
crowds of
lonely silhouettes
hoping for
a cloudless view,
to watch
the tiny lights align—
this, we pray,
a great celestial sign
that one day soon
we will reunite
with those
whose touch
we miss,
so far away,
in separate orbits.

Play notes: I drafted this in December around the time of the Great Conjunction. Due to atmospheric conditions where I live, I couldn't see it. Hope you did!