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Inclus notre traduction française. It features many improvements for users, administrators, and developers alike. Il gère un système d’avertissement optionnel par courriel de l’apparition d’une réponse au x sujet s que l’on choisit de surveiller. Fixed fatal error when upgrading from 3. Installation en 1 clic. Post subjects from protected subforums were listed incorrectly on the forum index in the following two scenarios:

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Its new responsive theme takes phpBB into the modern mobile world, OAuth logins and Gravatars improve phpBB’s integration into the social web, and a new notification system makes it easy to keep apprised of all that’s going on. Pour aller plus loin, un système de messages privés entre les utilisateurs, permet d’éviter à chacun la publication de son adresse électronique cela prévient le pourriel. If you installed phpBB 3. Son système de recherche inclut les opérateurs booléens, tandis qu’une FAQ est accessible en ligne. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Commander Inclus dans nos offres. Navigation Accueil Portails thématiques Article au hasard Contact.

Sorti enphpBB est actuellement le moteur de forum gratuit le plus utilisé, avec plusieurs millions de personnes qui utilisent cette application quotidiennement. Messagerie professionnelle 25 adresses email avec stockage illimité.

WorkSpace Messagerie en ligne Messagerie instantanée Synchronisation des contacts et agendas. Support en direct Support indisponible. En consultant ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour améliorer votre expérience et réaliser des statistiques d’audience.

Hébergement phpBB Inclus dans nos offres Commander. Commander Inclus dans nos offres. Installation en 1 clic.

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Mise à jour facile. Configuration requise Taille de l’installation. Symfony, Twig Added list-unsubscribe header – Added list-unsubscribe header to emails [1] Username not required for « forgot password » – Specifying the username is no longer required for using the « forgot password » functionality [2] Bug Fixes PHP 7. Link to privacy policy can be overridden with an event Updated Symfony and other 3rd party libraries – Symfony and other 3rd party libraries have been updated to their latest versions Lire la suite: The new BBCode parser adds support for all the emojis you’ve been using on mobile devices, the new font awesome integration adds retina quality icons to prosilver, and the quoting feature has pupbb2 enhanced.

Together with Symfony 2. These are now properly handled. The security issue only affects users using no longer phpbn2 versions of browsers as well as improperly setup webservers thanks to Lukas Reschke of Nextcloud for reporting this. Other changes include an improved migrator and hardened form checking in the Admin Control Panel. Versions with correct support are now required: Further hardened checking links and form submissions – Added link hashes and form keys to all forms in the ACP that were still relying on global ACP form protections.


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Fixed fatal error when upgrading from 3. Limit prunes per cron for large forums – Prunes on large forums were not limited. This could cause the prune query to fail at an unspecified point in time and leave topics unpruned. Rollback transactions in notifications manager – Fixed issues with not rolled back transactions when using non-existent notification types Lire la suite: It also adds support for X-Forwarded headers for upgrading non-SSL connections to SSL and allows extension authors to disable sending headers on Extension pages served via app.

Notable Bug Fixes Removed automatic approve of unapproved posts – Editing an unapproved post as a moderator will no longer automatically approve it. Email queue not cached by opcache – Email queue won’t be cached by opcache anymore.

This caused issues with dulicate emails. It also adds support for using https in the Extensions version check. An actual CSRF attack would only have been possible if an attacker also managed to retrieve the session id of a hppbb2 administrator prior to targeting them.

Security and Hardening Hardening: Post subjects from protected subforums were listed incorrectly on the forum index in the following two scenarios: Forum that has no forum password has a subforum with a password.

Security and Hardening Security: An insufficient check allowed users of the Google Chrome browser to be redirected to external domains e. Thanks to Mathias Karlsson avlidienbrunn for bringing this to our attention. More events have been added to the template and the php core Notable Bug Fixes F check of extensions: Append page name to base url if it doesn’t contain it and the path ends without a trailing slash Lire la suite: It was previously possible for an administrator on a forum to use the ImageMagick binary path setting to execute code on the server.

Security and Hardening Hardening of imagick path – Existence of the path to the imagick program specified in the Administration Control Panel is now verified. Install, Update frr Edit: Updated languages for phpBB 3.

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Please update your phpBB 3. We resolved problems with redirects to incorrect URLs following confirmation screens that we introduced with the security fix in 3. A large number of the bug fixes and improvements relate to the update process from phpBB 3.

Through specifically crafted requests with an XMLHttpRequest header it was possible to trigger an infinite loop in a phpBB routine which may end up consuming a large amount of resources on a server running phpBB 3.


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Further, once you installed an extension, its authors were able to load additional HTML in the extensions administration interface through the version check file which would only be exploitable by malicious extension authors. Independent of this particular problem we recommend you only install extensions made available in the extension database on http: If you installed phpBB 3.

Firstly, despite our best efforts and a full security audit of the 3. Our tests indicate that this does not seem to affect major browsers released aftermaking all browsers officially supported by phpBB 3. Nevertheless, we are not taking any chances and vr everyone to update. Yang for bringing this to our attention. Secondly, we are removing the « Send a copy of this email to yourself » feature from the contact page for guests to avoid it being used for sending undesired emails from the board.

Lastly, we are fixing several usability issues that were preventing some users from having a smooth experience while updating from 3. The notable ones are: If a user’s selected style no longer exists, attempt to reset to an existing style. Phpb2 auth provider errors for forums that migrated from other forum software. Improve and correct update instructions and documentation. It features many improvements for users, administrators, and developers alike.

phpbb2 fr

Its new responsive theme takes phpBB into the modern mobile world, OAuth logins and Gravatars improve phpBB’s integration into the social web, and a new notification system makes it easy to keep apprised of phpbb2 that’s going on.

Notable Changes and Bug Fixes The path to imagick is now correctly verified as an absolute path instead of a relative path.

Moderators are no longer exempt from post approval, instead the permission « Can post without approval » is applied as it is for all other users. We now reject very long password inputs immediately to save on resources during password checks.

Applications Web similaires FluxBB. Nos hébergements Web compatibles avec phpBB. Web Uniquement l’hébergement Web.

Guides utiles Aucun résultat. Votre navigateur est obsolète, la sécurité et la navigabilité ne sont plus garanties. Nous vous recommandons phpb2 le mettre à jour au plus vite en cliquant ici.

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